Copper Nail Gun System for Defoliation

Everyone knows that life flourishes all through warming durations, hence, if we actually are going through a tipping place for local climate transform, it implies that Later on there’ll be rain forests approximately everywhere you go, a lot everyday living, range, and abundance, that we are going to have to figure out a means to handle all of that. Ok so, what will we do, use Agent Orange, or round-up on each of the amplified vegetation, or is there an even better remedy I check with? Just lately, this matter arrived up at our Feel tank, so let us focus on All of this for your second We could?
 Have you ever ever noticed that documentary on Television, on the invention Channel which begs the dilemma; “Let’s say Humans Vanished Tomorrow?” as well as the documentary goes on to explain how mother nature would retake human civilizations, and in ten, twenty, 50, or maybe a hundred-several years there could be barely any observe that we had been even listed here. Within 1000-decades, or ten,000-decades, all the skyscrapers would have fallen down, and we would not have something remaining to point out for our ancient civilizations like the Egyptian pyramids manufactured from stone nail polish
 Generally, if worldwide warming will get right into a runaway condition, the plant vegetation will improve so quickly, it will begin to instantly encroach upon each of the metropolitan areas and towns where by humans Are living. Scenic highways will likely be overgrown with vegetation, and it will take amazing amounts of manpower to keep the highway very clear. There needs to be a better way, and here’s what I arrived up with; we use copper nail gun units for defoliation. We use robotics units which shoot copper nails into trees, vines, and bushes which happen to be encroaching.
 We don’t need to use Agent Orange or an excessive amount of herbicide because that can get in to the groundwater, and it will hurt human well being. We also don’t would like to kill any with the normal plant life which isn’t influencing us, as all we wish to do is preserve the roads crystal clear. Potentially, you are a tree hugger and you also don’t love this concept, and you’ll ship me a terrible e-mail for even suggesting it. I’d post to you personally that worldwide warming is fake, and we don’t have just about anything to bother with, a minimum of not inside the existing period of time.
 Nonetheless, if world wide warming is true, we’re going to have to determine a means to obvious the comb, and keep our civilization from remaining overrun and overgrown by plant life. In truth, I hope you may make sure you consider All of this and Consider on it, as It’s really a long term idea subject matter worthy of Be aware.