Find the Best Deals on Flat Screen Televisions With Comparative Shopping Search Engines

According to recent market surveys, analysts predict flat screen high definition televisions will be a hot item amongst consumers. The market study predicts substantial discounts for Plasma and 60 Hz LCD televisions, because the technology continues to advance faster than consumer bank accounts. Consider using price comparison websites to find the best bargains, as users can sort products based on retailer, model, color, and a variety of other descriptive metrics. Pricedrone Shopping

Plasma TVs

Plasma televisions were amongst the first flat panel TV’s on the market, but now find themselves piled up in warehouses waiting to be sold. Plasma TV’s are 600 Hz, which make them a viable choice for sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, plasmas are best for dark rooms, such as basements, and cost a fraction of the price as LCD and LED technology. For additional savings, consider a 720p model, which is what most cable networks broadcast on (but, Blu Ray uses native 1080p).

60 Hz LCD TVs

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) televisions are amongst the most popular models available, but come in several variations. The eldest – and cheapest – LCD televisions are 60 hertz, which may seem choppy or rigid when viewing action-packed blu-ray movies or sports programming. Currently, most manufacturers produce 120 Hz LCD TVs, which are phasing out older 60 Hz models. Top-of-the-line televisions use a variant of the LCD, known as LED, which operate at 240 Hz. Since 60 Hz TVs have been around the longest, their prices continue to decline.