I’ll always remember the first run through a player showed me his new framework to defy expectations at roulette. 

I was living in Madrid at that point, and Carlo, an Italian person who once in a while preferred to go to the club and play European roulette, had quite recently found out about a “no lose” framework that would ensure he’d leave the club a victor each time he went. 

I was not a speculator, at this point I questioned that this was conceivable. Carlo demanded showing me how it functioned. Captivated, I proposed we do the accompanying analysis. Utilizing a deck of playing a card game, I eliminated the jokers, leaving 52 cards taking all things together, 26 red (hearts and jewels), 26 dark (spades and clubs). I said I would go about as the gambling club, and would pick a card indiscriminately, the shade of the card comparing to red or dark at the roulette wheel. Visit :- UFABET

For the wagers, I would just record the sum that Carlo advised me, and we’d follow his successes and misfortunes that way. Carlo said he would, for straightforwardness, consistently bet on red. 

I picked a card. He won. I picked another, he lost. It went to and fro like this for a couple of rounds, at that point he lost twice in succession. He multiplied his bet, from one unit to two. Losing once more, he multiplied once more, presently wagering four units. Another misfortune, and he bet eight units. The following round he won, consequently recuperating all he had lost. 

As we kept on playing, he utilized this procedure each time he lost more than once, and certainly, toward the end he was ahead. He was overjoyed that his freshly discovered miracle strategy would guarantee him limitless additions, yet I was as yet incredulous.