Mildly Difficult – Which Card Game Would You Like to Play?

For many years playing cards was just something old men did, in seedy game rooms, but recently cards have once again become a popular thing to do when sitting around with friends at home, in the coffee shop or in a casino. Here I have listed some of my favorite games. Some of the games are very easy and take only minutes to learn and some can be very difficult to learn and may take a lifetime to learn

Simple Games to Learn

1) Go Fish:

Go Fish is the simplest of all games to learn. Each player is dealt 5 cards. A player may ask any player if they have a certain number. An example would be “Do u have any fives?” if the player asked has any fives he must give them all to the player who asked for them. The person asking for a card must have at least one in their hand. A person may only ask for a card if they posses one in their hand. If the person questioned does not have the card the asker must draw a card from the deck. If they draw the desired card they get to go again, if not their turn is up and the next person goes. The object of go fish is to get rid of all your cards first.

2) Catching the Cheater:

Maybe you might know of this game in a different name such as “Liar” or “Honesty is Not the Best Policy”, but the method of playing is similar. The winner is the player who has managed to cheat the rest more than they succeeded in defrauding the rest. There are no rules but the game proceeds like so: depending on the number of players, anywhere between seven to thirteen cards are handed out and one is opened in the middle. Then, moving clockwise, each player announces what he is laying down. The others can catch him (if he lied), but whosoever is caught, must pick up all the cards that have been laid down on the playing desk.

3) Blackjack:

Also commonly referred to as 21 because that magical number is what players strive to reach, this card game requires very little arithmetic and that too only basic adding that goes no higher than twenty-one.

4) Three Card Monty:

Three Card Monty is a fun game and the rules could not be any easier. Three cards are placed on the table and the middle card is turned Face up. The card is then flipped over and the three cards are then shuffled. The object is to try to figure out which of the three cards is the card that was flipped over.

List of Most Difficult Games to Learn

1) Bridge:

An old but still popular game, here, you partner with someone and decide before playing how many hands you will win. The complexity of bridge lies not in the rules, which are relatively easy to pick up, but in the intricate game plans and maneuvers one has to master to play well.

2) Poker:

The complexity of this game is two-bound. First you have to learn the different rank of hands and then you have to try and pick up the different rules according to the specific variation of poker that you are playing.

3) Tens Wins:

Requiring an even number of participants because they need to be paired up, the goal for each team is to win as many tens as they can. At first this does not seem laborious, but once you start playing, it gets too tiresome. You have a trump card that conquers all other cards except the exact number of it of a different colour, but this too can be trumped with another colour. In addition, you can use higher cards to create decoys by placing them facing down and declaring them as a ten of a certain colour.