Morocco: A Land of Enticement

Mysterious, ancient, exotic, mystic: all of these are words used to describe Morocco. They are all true, but Morocco is also fresh, new, evolving, and modern. But the only way to form your own opinion about Morocco is to actually go there. Read more about maroc annonce

The European Influence

Morocco has been open to European travellers for almost a century, so it is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in North Africa. Compared to its neighbors, Morocco is also a safe and stable country to visit even though its leader is a king with autocratic power. But any casual visitor will be fine just as long as you don’t snap pictures of the royal palace.

Being in such close contact with Europeans for so long, the culture of Morocco has adopted many traits and customs that will make European and American travellers feel right at home, up to a point. Examples: western toilets are common, and you can easily find those that speak English, French, or Spanish. On the other hand, things can be a little behind the times by European/American standards.

Notably: Women would be well advised to dress conservatively, this doesn’t mean you need to wear a full body burka. Female travellers should be prepared to experience unwanted attention regardless of what they are wearing. Also, it is a good idea to avoid direct eye contact with males on the street. This will minimize the situation.

Be Wary of Your Hosts

Getting into Morocco from Europe by RyanAir’s is convenient and usually inexpensive. Most of these flights tend to fly into Marrakesh and leave from Fez. While travelling (and even when not), keep your valuables close to you and do not pack anything important or of value into checked bags as theft is common in Moroccan airports.

There are many options for sleeping in the ultra low-budget, ultra high-budget and ultra everything in between. Many of the hostels or “hotels” you find may seem very sketchy and some have bad reputations, so the safest bet is to stick with choices that are acknowledged by known travel books or respectable websites. It is essential to do research before arrival.

It is unfortunate that scams and cons are widespread throughout the country. Be wary of overly helpful strangers who may offer help and guide you straight into their friend’s shop. At the very worst, if you do fall into one of these traps, you’ll just end up spending a little more money than you would have liked on that new carpet.

Pick pocketing is also another serious, irritating problem, so a healthy skepticism and guarded vigilance are the best protection you can have. I always use a hidden money belt.

Shoppers Heaven: The Mystery Begins

The best thing about Morocco is that it is very exotic, and very inexpensive. A dollar, euro, or pound will go a long way here.

Just About Anything You Want: This may seem like an odd thing to say, but in Morocco you can do just about anything you want as long as you are willing to pay for it. You will find that just about anything you see will be for sale or ready for your use, if the price is right. With so few restrictions and limitations, it is really up to the traveller to be responsible and cautious, and look out for your own safety and to make the right decisions.

Learn to Bargain: While we are speaking of spending money, it is important to remember to always bargain and not to be afraid to play hardball in doing so. These people negotiate and make deals constantly and they are good at it. This system may seem fun at first but it can quickly become quite tiresome, as can the constant barrage of sales pitches you will face every time you step outside of your hostel.

Outdoor Market Heaven: The reason bargaining is something you will face every day is because Morocco has some of the most exciting, labyrinthine outdoor markets in the world. You can purchase any variety of beautiful ornament, knick-knack, trinket, carpet, or clothing or any other item of varying degrees of legality. Carpets and spices are the two hottest items for most visitors shopping in the legal spectrum, and rightly so. The colors and aromas you will find from these two items will make you feel like you are in a gourmet kitchen run by Dr. Seuss; I mean this in the best possible sense.

You could easily spend your entire trip shopping in these mazes of merchandise but there is so much more to see outside of the shopping tents.

The Cities of Morocco: Each city in Morocco has a different feel to it but each one gives a different sense of what Morocco has in store. You can experience the seaside feel of the country on the west coast in Casablanca or Rabat. You can get a more iconic and trademark adventure in the markets and streets of Marrakesh. Fez has more of an urban, city sprawl that can feel much more dangerous but will show you what a city in North Africa is really like.

The Sahara: A trip out to the brink of the Sahara in Merzouga will let you feel what it’s like living amongst the Berber people as you sleep in tents under intensely starry skies and take camel rides through the desert dunes that turn your scalp orange with sand for days.