Tips For Buying Diamond Jewelry Online

Is it gonna be okay if I buy online? Am I gonna be disappointed? What if I don’t like it? What if she hates it? Is it okay with the shipment, what about being lost in the shipment?

We understand all of your doubts. Many people certainly have concerns about buying something online, especially as important as a diamond engagement ring or any other expensive jewelry. It really takes time to learn about buying diamonds, now takes time too to educate yourself about buying online. As you will absolutely get better prices and better selections at online Diamond Jewelry Stores.

Don’t worry about being fraud when deciding buying diamond jewelry online, cause here are the tips of buying diamond jewelry online to ensure that you not only select the right piece of jewelry, but also the right store. What you should look for when selecting an online store is: the customer service. It is the main thing to concern, then find out about the return policy. Next question is: how about the manner of shipment, cause it’s related to the lost or damaged shipments policy. And two of the most important things to concern is the certificate for your diamond and of course, the secure transaction. For more detail, read information below.

What you Should Know When Selecting an Online Store.

Customer Service

You may take advantage of shopping online in order to avoid salesperson – cause they sometimes so pushy or (maybe) not honest about the merchandise they sell. But what if you want to ask a question or you change your mind about the stone cut or color??? A good online store must have a telephone number where you can speak to the Customer Service. However, they are not online 24 hours. You should find out what hours they are available and don’t forget to verify timezones.

Diamond Certificates

Diamond certificates may come from a variety of jewelry labs. It is highly recommended buying from sites that provide either AGS or GIA (two of the world’s top labs) certificates. You should pay some attention about some online stores offer their own certificates or certificates from other labs. However, not all diamond purchases require certification – most preset diamonds do not come with AGS or GIA certification – and some lovely diamonds can be purchased without certification. Even though AGS or GIA certificate can add to the value of the diamond, however certification doesn’t change the quality of the diamond, it certifies the specifications of the diamond.

Secure Transactions

With the purpose to eliminate the risk of data interception, manipulation or recipient impersonation by unauthorized parties, thus today most online diamond stores, guarantee that all personal information provided for your payment or registration purposes is automatically encrypted by the latest security software. For this reason, I think you should ask a customer service for sure. You can also find out about this on its Terms and Conditions.

Return Policy

Every good online store must have a Return Policy. Read it very carefully. Some sites claim a 30-day return policy, another site claims a 10-day return policy, but if you read carefully, returns of many items require a “re-stocking” fee. So, before you buy, you had better understand the policy. Another site claims 50% charged of the settings price, if you cancel the order before it was shipped but after the jewel was sent to the workshop and finished. And if a store doesn’t have it’s Return Policy posted somewhere on the site, click on to other online site and never come back.