What Exactly Are Surgical Technician Duties?

It is often thought that the surgeon is the most important person in the operation room when someone is having surgery. While this is true on some levels, there is one other person who can mean the difference between a good procedure and a procedure that goes wrong. The surgical technician duties can make or break an operation and they actually have more dealings with the patient and actual operation than the surgeon does Online surgical tech program

The surgeon is going to do some pre-operation work with the patient but they are never going to be as hands on with the patient. The surgical technician duties include preparing the patient for the actual operation. This means shaving the area that is going to be operated on as well as disinfecting the area so that there are no germs in the area that is going to be operated. They are also responsible for moving them from their room to the operating theater.

The surgical technician duties also include sterilizing all equipment and instruments as well as the operating theater. This is to make sure that nothing is unsanitary during the procedure. Anything that is not completely sterilized can cause complications in the procedure, which is why this step is so vital. These technicians are the only stop gap between bacteria and the incision site.

During an operation, a surgical technician’s duties do not end. They work side by side with the surgeon by passing the surgeon instruments and anything that they may need during the procedure. When the television dramas show a surgeon getting their forehead sponged, the technician does this as well. They also make sure not all fluids are clogged and that the patient is getting the blood or plasma that they require.

They also help with suturing and bandaging the incision area to keep it clean free from any foreign objects that may be left such as instruments or sponges. It is also important for them to keep an eye on all of the vital signs and to alert the surgeon if there are any changes in them. Once the operation is complete, they transport the patient back to the recovery room, again check all of their vital signs, and make sure that the patient is as comfortable as they can be after surgery.

Finally, they are also responsible for the post operative care of the patient. They are going to check on the vitals to make sure there are no complications after the procedure. They also clean up the operating gallery, clean, and sterilize all of the equipment that was used so that it is prepared for the next surgery.

Anyone who finds the surgical technician duties to be fascinating should look into the many great online schools that offer this field of study. They can learn all they need to know from the comfort of home. This amount of work is not going to be nearly as much as a surgeon would need, but they are just as important, if not more so than the surgeon.

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